Modular Millwork

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Modular Millwork: Incredibly flexible and durable workroom furniture for virtually any type of transaction intensive workroom!


Modular Millwork laboratory furniture enables superior ergonomics and workflow productivity for active and constantly changing lab interiors.  Workstations and benches can be specified with any work surface (epoxy, stainless, bactericidal, chemical laminate, maple, solid surface, etc.) and load rated at 1000 lbs. per module providing the necessary flexibility and durability for your lab interior.

Learning Environments

Our durable “Green” Modular Millwork construction and wide selection of designer finishes and surface options not only provides an aesthetically pleasing lab, but also a safer learning environment for those within. Also, the innovative construction, unmatched cost efficiency and Lifetime warranty are just a few reasons why Modular Millwork is emerging as the preferred interior for active learning environments.



Our products exemplify Modular Millwork’s understanding in the importance of flexible systems for Labs, Exam Rooms, Nurses Stations, Medical Storage, Pharmacies, Hospitals and Healthcare facilities. Modular Millwork's expert design and layout assistance will help you achieve maximum productivity and efficiency of your available space without sacrificing utility



MultiSort® Mailroom Furniture, the world's first and only truly modular mail furniture system gives you unmatched ergonomics, flexibility, and productivity for your transaction-intensive mail and distribution centers. From a few sort towers to an entire mailcenter - our system is ideal for optimizing document management efficiency!