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Science, Art & CAD Lab Design

American Lab Design has been in the business of designing and renovation science labs for 17 years. Our focus is to consult, design and manufacture turn-key solutions for virtually any type of work environment including schools, labs, healthcare facilities and mail centers. Since American Lab Design was founded we have specialized in providing lab solutions for the private school sector with a focus on parochial schools, universities, community colleges and charter schools.

We consult, design and manufacture your science lab to provide the optimal workroom solution to meet your specific needs and budget! Also, the Modular Millwork Lifetime warranty guarantees you a long-lasting, quality furniture solution for your lab. Custom Logo etching available.

Featured Products


Our premier lab and classoom unit! Designed and built to help reward students’ scientific endeavors.

Endeavor Lite

The same great Endeavor design presented in a multi-functional table format.

Power Lab 8

The attractive, innovative appearance of Powerlab 8 furniture helps generate enthusiasm for science!

Quad Plus

Whatever the size, shape and strategy of your science lab, the adaptive advantages of the Quad Plus provide your answer.

Modular Millwork La
Modular Millwork

Incredibly flexible and durable Modular Millwork – backed by a Lifetime Warranty ensures you a long lasting workroom interior.

More Space

Novus More Space organizes workspace to improve productivity, ergonomics and user comfort.

Art Table

Designed to be large enough for multiple users and used in most any environment from art planning to sewing and model construction.

CAD Table

Designed to meet limited space and meeting budget requirements, this CAD table is the perfect solution. Various selections to choose from.